For over 70 years, Peter Mac has been providing high quality treatment and multidisciplinary care for cancer patients and their families. Importantly, we house Australia’s largest and most progressive cancer research group, one of only a handful of sites outside the United States where scientists and clinicians work side-by-side.

Our research covers a diversity of topics that range from laboratory-based studies investigating fundamental mechanisms of cell transformation, through translational studies that provide a pipeline for the development of new therapies to clinical trials of novel treatments and their implementation into standard clinical care. , and research aimed to improve supportive care.

The proximity and strong collaborative links of scientists and clinicians provides many unique opportunities for medical advances to be moved from the ‘bench to the bedside’ and for important clinical needs to guide our research agenda. As such, our research programs are having a profound impact on the understanding of cancer biology and are leading to more effective and individualised patient care. 

Laboratory Research

Peter Mac is home to over 450 laboratory-based scientists and support staff, including more than 150 higher degree and Honours students. Supported by state-of-the-art core platform technologies, our research laboratories are organised into 6 programs of laboratory-based and translational research:

  • Women’s Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer
  • Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
  • Computational Biology
  • Cancer Immunology
  • Organogenesis
  • Tumour Angiogenesis and Microenvironment

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Clinical Research

Peter Mac is committed to linking patient care with cancer research. Our clinician researchers take their observations from the clinic and plan their research directions to address critical unmet clinical needs. There are many specialised groups actively engaged in clinical research.

Our aim is to provide the world’s best treatment and quality of life outcomes for cancer patients and their support networks.

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Health Services Research

The Department of Health Services Research supports the broader health services research and implementation science portfolio. The new department reinforces Peter Mac’s investment in health services research and implementation science as a new major research theme in the 2020 - 2025 Research Strategic Plan.

The focus of the health services research and implementation science portfolio is to bring together Peter Mac researchers, clinicians and patients to deliver world class, equitable, and evidence-based patient-centered cancer treatments and care.

 HSRIS(Health Services Research and Implementation Science) complements Peter Mac’s other major research themes to deliver a comprehensive ‘bench to bedside and beyond’ program of research.

Core Platform Technologies

Our state-of-the-art core facilities and platform technologies are the backbone of our research and ensure that the researchers are outfitted with the equipment and expertise needed to facilitate their world class research.

These technologies also identify, import, and develop the best innovative technologies to facilitate our research.

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Research Cohort Studies

Peter Mac is home to many large group studies, collecting biospecimens (such as blood samples) and survey data from people with cancer to build large open-access resources for innovative research projects.

Cohort studies give our researchers, and researchers worldwide, access to a vast array of ethically collected clinical samples and associated clinical data.

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Research Education

Peter Mac is home to over 180 research students undertaking postgraduate and honours research programs. Most students completing projects at Peter Mac are enrolled through The University of Melbourne. We also host students from Universities throughout Australia and internationally.

We provide a structured yet flexible program to meet the varied academic and pastoral needs of our students and research staff. This research environment supports all students and staff during the development of the important research and professional skills that will allow our graduates to demonstrate their ability as researchers and makes a critical contribution to driving high quality of research at Peter Mac.

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